Tips and Tricks for Learning Coding.

Doing Coding is a good thing, but it turns to bad when some frustrating error comes. These mercy-less errors troubles a lot. To do code, one needs to be very patient and calm. Anything done in hurry could result in bad outputs. Below are some basic techniques that can be used by everyone in coding.

Use of Commenting Tags.

Now you will say this seems boring. But really? When you are doing coding, you must comment each and every function or block of code with their works. For example when you are working with some templates, then comment where you start doing coding, and also make a comment at the end. This helps you to identify where you did the mistake correctly.

Not Exams, So use reference.

Sharing experience is the best thing while doing coding. You can share your ugly errors with someone else. You can also refer a book or your notes copy to do code. Doing code is not like job interview exams. So refer your copy too!

Discuss on Forums

There are many forums world-wide, we too have one. Go here. Discuss with people where are you going wrong. That’s all folks.

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